Benefits of Social Media in Online Education

Social media has dominated our world to a great extent. Online communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace have become an essential part of our daily lives. Social media has also become an important platform for online businesses. Thousands of individuals and companies have made their accounts on social media platforms to market their products and services. As far as education is concerned, you can find thousands of official pages by traditional and online universities on social media websites to help current and prospective students communicate with each other and stay updated. As a recent trend, many professors and faculty members are also using social media to help students in pursuing higher education online.

Given below are some of the benefits of social media in online education:

Easy to get engaged

The great thing about social media is that anyone who has online account can easily get engaged with their friends and teachers. Some professors use Twitter to tell students about an important class announcement. Students can also send tweets if they have any question about the lecture or anything. Through this way, both the faculty and students can get engaged and know each other’s progress.

Affordable option

There is very low-cost involved when you use social media to communicate. Social media communication saves all the operating costs like high-tech equipments, heating and cooling expenses and maintenance or travelling costs.

Everyone feels connected

In traditional learning, not all students feel connected to the instructor and it can lead to lack of interest in a certain subject. Social media lets faculty and students become better connected. Facebook updates let students know about the faculty members’ interests and activities too.

Easy Networking

The biggest advantage of social media is easy networking. Students can get to connect with their classmates, ex-class mates, alumni members of their college and course instructors too. They feel like they are getting social benefits of their online degree by networking with new people in college. Professional websites like LinkedIn helps you in making professional connections, which can also help in job search.

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