BE an A+ Employee- Five Ways to Impress your Boss

Just about every individual wants to perform, look good in the eyes of their boss, and earn respect of their peers. There will come a time in every worker bee career where they must make a big impression on the boss. Check out these 5 ways to make an impact on your boss with a lasting impression


Punctuality says a lot about the person. At many instances we tend to arrive early, like for an interview. Impress your boss by arriving early. Not only will he or she take notice of this, but you will see how much more work you can get done with that extra time.


They are your boss but that does not mean you can’t question them. But make sure it is not offending. Never be troubled to play devil’s advocate in order to make the most of your meetings.


Get noticed with your leadership skills. Instead of waiting for a project to come to you, be proactive. Voice questions in your next meeting with your boss and team members. Your boss will appreciate your effort and confidence.


As tough as it is, never give in to the temptation of office gossip. Your boss will appreciate your self-censoring and respect for the feelings of your co-workers.


If you say you know how to do something or have prior experience, and then prove it. Don’t boast about your accomplishments and knowledge just be recognized. Make sure to put that knowledge into action.

These five suggestions are just not the only way. They are simply tools that you can use to reach up the corporate ladder. By practicing these suggestions, you will leave your boss with the impression that you are a prompt and organized employee who cares deeply for the success of the company.

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