Affiliate institutes and universities:

Partnership between offline and online educational institutes and universities has many benefits. The most basic benefit is that it enables the students to study those courses online which their conventional university is not providing. It also becomes a source for working adults to pursue their education while they concentrate on their profession. Another advantage which motivates students to opt for affiliated courses is their reasonable cost. Once the universities collaborate, they can substantially reduce their cost which results in reduction in semester fee for the students.

Identifying these and other underlying benefits, MUST University decided to partner with universities and training institutes present all around the world. Today, MUST University has partnered with over 50 institutes to maintain its global presence. The affiliated institutes and universities of MUST University have become a source for the working adults to attain high quality education. The affiliate universities are also helping MUST in spreading awareness amongst the people with the concept of online education. They, through their experienced faculty members are delivering high quality learning experience to students in a more traditional setup.  The students can enjoy gaining academic learning through online mediums while studying in a campus- based set up.  If a student cannot attend conventional classes at all, then he also has the option of completing his course online through MUST’s virtual classrooms. Although many universities are offering executive programs, still many adult students find it difficult to attend classes even on weekends. For such students, MUST University online classes have become the gateway to complete their education without taking a career break.

The affiliation has made it possible for MUST University to reach out to working adults in all parts of the world more effectively. Being the world’s largest online university, students in any part of the world can now apply for a program in their desired field of interest and be certain about the quality of education they will receive-thanks to MUST.

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